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News - Minecraft News

Saturday,September 2, 2017


Rektopia is looking for a team of innovative, resourceful, creative and dedicated mine crafters to help us put together a awesome Network to play on.

We are looking for all types of staff, from Header Builders, builders, simple chat moderators to admins and most importantly, plugin developers looking to challenge themselves.


Experience in these roles is generally preferred, but we are willing to train players that have limited experience in staff roles. However if you are going to be putting your past experience down please be prepared to prove your experience. With builders, screenshots of your builds and/or links to builds posted on other websites are required, all builders will be given a project to complete on our server as a trial. Keep in mind we are looking for dedicated Staff meaning we expect you to be on everday for atleast a few hours!


Builders must be able to adapt to Servers build style!


We have Removed many so called staff members for not being active or trying to steal from us!

if you aren't dedicated DON"T WASTE OUR TIME!


News - Minecraft News

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Our Staff is Currently Filling up! We are still looking for dedicated staff mostly those with knowledge of plugins and builders!


News - Citadel: Forged With Fire

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Citadel: Forged With Fire Server was launched on day one. The server is doing great! We are trying to keep the server updated and keep the lag down till they get around to fixing everything so have patience please and we'll try to make it as pleasant as possible!


Thanks for the support Rektopia Gaming Network!

Rektopia Website Launch

The website is still being modified and perfected, but it is already a clear improvement. Some links may be empty for now, but they will quickly fill themselves in. Feel free to check everything out in the mean time, and make sure you get registered on the new forums!